Friday, May 29, 2020

2 Projects Already

So much has been happening in the craft studio this week ! - Sewing, Doll Making and Paper Crafting.  I launced Fee's Little Box of Happy last weekend and have since released 2 projects which can be made from the contents.

The laser cut gold foil elements are just wonderful to play with !  They are so much fun and so stunning.

These can be purchased from the 3rd June from my online store (link in the right hand column)

I have so many more wonderful projects planned to show you using all of the goodies inside the box.

Don't forget if you are ordering from my online store that you will receive a FREE Make and Take Class and some additional goodies if you use my HOSTESS CODE for June.  It's wqell worth the effort.

Hope you have an amazing weekend.

Love and Hugs - Fee xx


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